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PostSubject: HAHAHA REQUEST NI ENISH...   Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:12 am

just wanna share this one i read from the net...tnx for ur time..
One Sad Love Story…

I grew up in a city about ten miles south of my best friend. Our parents had dated once when we were 8, we had lived together for about a year and a half then out parent decided it wasn’t going to work. When my father moved out of this house I hadn’t seen my friend for another 6 months - 1 year. When we began talking again so did our parents. My father nad I lived with my grandparents until my grandmother passed of cancer. My dad found a new mate and moved in with her. That worked, for yet again a year or two. We’ve lived in a new house just up the street from my best friend for the past 1 year and its been great. When we moved out here I was informed that I’d be attending school with my friend.

I Never thought it would be bad, me and my best friend hardly ever faught. The truth is this problem isn’t even about him entirely. I finished the last semester being notified that the girl my dad was with just recently was pregnate, I had a sibling coming my way, my new “mom” moved in with us again in the new place. I also journeyed through the last half of the year completely involved with the most beautiful girl I have ever met. We kissed once or twice before I asked her our (not even kisses, pecks on the cheek, my cheek.) I’ve been completely in love with her since we broke up in early March. She has begun to tell me she has the same feelings. I honestly don’t think that I can live without her and she is utterly amazing. All she does is make me smile and hope to speak to her more.

I haven’t seen her all summer, with the exceptions of July 4th and at her registration. Yes, I said HER registration.

Half way through the summer my best friend found out that the girl he has been dating for a year (and sees every other day) is going to a nearby highschool, he has to move to get in the boundaries so his mom agreed. He has to stay at a C average to stay at school with her, I’m happy for him, honest to god; its great attending school with the girl you love.

My father and my friends mother (the same two that dated and are now completely best friends…) decided that they should move in together to save money, my “mom” has agreed t this also. I am very satisfied with the size of the house and the neighborhood surrounding it and I was excited to move but then I realized…

The boundaries won’t allow me to attend school with the girl I love… The moment that I configured this my heart just completely shattered. She had told me that she couldn’t live without seeing me every day, and that if not for it she probably never would have dated me, or had the chance to fall in love with me. The devastation has died down mostly because of denial, I am forcing myself to believe that nothing will go wrong.

As I go to get my papers from the old school, (birth certificate, fines, etc.) I realize that the day I chose to get my papers was registation. Walking into the doors nervously I feel her jump into my arms, happy to see me for more than a few seconds. She had known about my move and transfer to the new school but when I walked in the doors she got false hope.

A week before this registration I let the news ferment softly in her skin. She was devastated as was I. She told me that she was sorry to waste my time, and she is sorry that she never got to give me a real kiss (I am a shy kid and we never got around to it. I wanted my first kiss with her to be special)

Now I’m moving into the new place with my friends (bestie, his mom, his sister, and his sister’s best friend who is a runaway from Idaho, my dad, my “mom”, and my baby brother. It’ll be a full house and I’m sure my mind will be taken away from the subject most of the time with school starting.

I just can’t help but feel as if my friend knew this would happen, not to spite me but… He knew that if he moved, my dad would talk to his mom about a moving in together situation and the selfishness I’ve realised he’s had all along. He constantly sees his girlfriend and they’re engaged (due to marry when they come of age) so he has already done everything with her, they’re in love and he knows that she will never leave him.

Now I’m stuck with nothing… The girl I love is miles away and I have no way of seeing her every day like she’s dreamed of. My friend had it all and he got even more. I just don’t know what to believe… Its so dumb. I can’t help but feel betrayed by my dad who KNEW I loved this girl with every ounce in my heart. I’m never happy anymore and he wonders why, even after I’ve told him! The girl I love is a cheerleader and our school will compete, and I’m going to make my dad take me/let me stay at every game there is between our schools. I always tell myself when I get sad about this subject. “I’ll see her at games, I’ll see her at games.”

Look, I’m not asking for your help on any of this, I guess I’m just looking for someone out there who really cares about my story. My best friend sure as he** doesn’t and my father couldn’t for he’s the one who kept the move and transfer a secret from me through half of the summer. I know I’ll see her, and I know someone’s going to say “Don’t worry you’ll see her, chin up” and thats not what I want. I know I’m going to see her, hardly ever but I will.

She just doesn’t believe that I really love her, and she’s very very self-conscious and believes that I’ll find another girl at this school (its known in the district for its “hotties”) and no matter how many times I tell her that she is the only girl I could ever love she just pushes it out her other ear.

I feel helpless and sad.
And I know no one cares.
I don’t want someone to talk to.

I want someone with wit to tell me something that wil actually make me feel better.
If you’re capable of this, please please PLEASE cure my depression.
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PostSubject: Re: HAHAHA REQUEST NI ENISH...   Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:20 am

taas nmn nyan, kakatamad basahin hahahahahaha
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PostSubject: graaabeh!   Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:49 am

taas nmn ktamad bsahin... tongue tongue
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PostSubject: Re: HAHAHA REQUEST NI ENISH...   Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:21 pm

affraid ang haba!!.. yaw ko basahin yan!!...
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PostSubject: Re: HAHAHA REQUEST NI ENISH...   

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